Sunday, September 1, 2013

Vacation photos...

I completely forgot to include some pictures from our vacation. The wife's dearest friend was getting married for the first time this year, in Kettle Falls Washington. Now personally I don't like air travel. It's not the planes that get to me, it's the airports, people, and the crappy service. So I decided to drop the wife off at the Las Vegas airport, to fly north, and Franken-daughter and I would then drive (yes the prospect of three days road trip with a pre-teen did scare me a bit, but that is still better than going to jail for going ape shit-crazy on some homeland high school drop out!) We would meet the wife in Kettle Falls and then the three of us would drive home together.

So while planning this trip, I decided to let my sense of adventure get to me, and planned to not only see as much country as we could in 10 days, but to take daughter camping! Our first night camping was in Hat Creek Ca. As we made our way to Eugene Oregon, to visit and stay with friends on our second night.

Our Third night was in Spokane Washington, and then we dove on up to Kettle Falls for three days of camping while we got ready for the wedding. The actual day of the wedding was perfect, and we had a blast. Afterwards we headed north and east and made our way to Montana. Staying in Missoula. We had a bit of a gypsy vacation just driving till we got tired, and seeing what we could as we made our way home.

From Missoula, we headed south to Utah, and spent three days camping in Brigham City, visiting family, and exploring the area. As we headed south, we took every two-lane road we could, exploring this beautiful State. All in all we traveled some 2500 miles in our new car, loaded down with at least 500lbs of camping gear and three people.  A trip to remember!