Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rain is a good thing... Dean Peak Fire Updates

Day one, approx 4pm.
Well it is official, we are in a monsoon flow. The dew point has been over 30 degrees, and we have already had two small thunderstorms. Not a lot of rain yet, but thankfully a little moisture. With some luck our roads will have enough moisture, that when we get a big storm they won't just wash away.
On another note, with the lightning, one of our local mountains had a forest fire start yesterday. Today I haven't seen any news on the fire, other than it is still burning. While searching four news on the fire, I did come across an old article about our mountain being declared a state disaster in 1950, after a forest fire, around that time we set a record high of 109. Yesterday we set a new record at an official high of 111! Unofficially we were at 113 at the ranch!

Fire update...
From the Hualapai Mountain Park Facebook page.
"Dean Peak Fire-update from BLM. Approximately 25 to 30 acres have burned. No containment. Caused by lightening. Air tankers, Hot Shot crew plus other personnel are doing their best."
Fire update...
For up to date info, go here
Current as of 4pm Sunday 6/30/13
Total Personnel: 40
Size: 120 acres
Fuels Involved: brush, pinion, juniper, pines
Fire Behavior : active
Significant Events:
There was little to no precipitation resulting from the thunder cell that came across the fire this afternoon. Old Highway 93 and DW Ranch Road are closed to the public.
The downdraft from downslope winds is pushing smoke into the Pinion Pines community. Smoke will continue throughout the night.
There are no threats to any communities at this time.

Update 8:45pm Saturday...
The fire is currently burning down slope on the east side of Dean's Peak. The air tankers that were assigned to the fire earlier today have been reassigned and the Type II helicopter has been grounded due to winds. The Hot Shot crew has also been pulled off the mountain for safety reasons.
Update 3am Monday Fire is now 200 acres, with 60 firefighters. The outlook today is high for growth, in rough terrain. My understanding from Facebook friends is that the community of Pinion Pine has been evacuated. A lot of false info has been spread across the social media outlets, trying to sift through it all. It was also released yesterday that Arizona lost 19 firefighters to the Prescott fire, which charred 2000 acres. My heart goes out to their families for their sacrifices. 4am First time outside today, high winds and it looks a if it has crested. Little bit of drizzle in town, forecast calls for thunderstorms, and a triple digit high.
Update Monday 4pm... 908 acres with 100 personnel. Focus today is protecting structures in Pine Lake, tankers dropping retardant on front line. There is a mandatory evacuation for the Pine Lake community. The reception center is at the Kingman High School located at 4182 N. Banks Street in Kingman, AZ. The Pinion Pine community and communication sites on Getz Peak continue to be threatened at this time. CLOSURES: Old Highway 93 is closed and Hualapai Mountain Road is closed to Pine Lake. DW Ranch Road and Blake Ranch Road are also closed except for local residents. Wild Cow Campground will be closed until further notice. Extreme weather conditions will continue today with potentially erratic winds due to thunderstorms forecasted throughout Mohave County. 

Update Tuesday 3 am 
No official update, other than 1500 acres burned, 175 personnel. I am reading updates from Facebook that the fire has jumped Blake ranch road and burning toward the Cedar Hills area. Several friends and coworkers live in that direction, they are preparing to evacuate. As for the Pine Lake, and Pinion Pine areas, I haven't seen any updates on structures. From or vantage point it looks close, but I don't want to speculate.

8am Tuesday update. 
No official update, I am getting reports that no structures have been damaged as of yet. The fire came close to some Pine Lake residence last night, then the winds changed direction. There were some pretty bad flare-ups but firefighters were able to keep them at bay. Reading now, 2350 acres with no containment till July 12! Info from Facebook... The fire is being managed in a full suppression strategy and is burning in steep, rugged terrain with few natural barriers to stop fire spread. Additional resources have been ordered to assist with containment of the fire. Incident Commander Matt Reidy said, “This fire is different from past fires, it is highly visible from the town of Kingman, this is not a typical desert fire and should be visible for some time.” A mandatory evacuation order was successfully implemented for the residents of Pine Lake as the fire crossed over Dean Peak and is backing toward Pine Lake. An evacuation reception center is located at the Kingman High School at 4182 N. Banks Street in Kingman. Old Highway 93 and Hualapai Mountain Road are closed to Pine Lake. DW Ranch Road and Blake Ranch Road are also closed except to local residents. Additionally, Wild Cow Campground will be closed until further notice. A declaration of fire emergency was issued by Gary Watson, Chairman of the Mohave County Board of Supervisors. Two strike teams of state sponsored engines have been ordered to provide protection around the Pinion Pine and Pine Lake subdivisions. Dean Peak Fire information is posted at Additional information can be found at and on Twitter by following @DeanPeakFire No official update other than 3200 acres burned!

Great photo from a friend who lives on Blake Ranch Rd.