Monday, August 20, 2012

Pics from our weekend in the mountains

I was having some issues with my cell phone this weekend, which was keeping me from uploading photos. I thought I had to replace it, especially since it was drowned from the storm on Saturday! It's up and running today though, so here are some pics from our weekend...

It stormed every day at lest once while we were up there...

Pictures abound...

Every min of the hike little one was trying to get service.

Girls without cell service... it's a fun thing!

Saw a few structures like these throughout the hills

She didn't want to admit it, but she was having fun.

The joys of iPhones

Little one was picking the 'nose' of the mountain.

Just a friendly reminder that we are in the desert.

Almost walked right up on this guy, he wasn't moving for anything!

This is what I call a fire ring, hard to tell, but it's about 12' in diameter. 

These are stadium seats for one of the camps on top of the mountain, and look over the fire ring above.

This is Saturdays storm that was forming while we were hiking.

Thought this was cool, a tree growing out of solid rock.