Thursday, July 26, 2012

Post storm clean up.

We've had a couple nice thunderstorms go through the are in the past few days, this being my day off, I get to fix the roads. Our driveway was so bad, I couldn't get the Kia out very well. It had rutted real bad on both sides, leaving nothing but soft ball size rocks behind. I filled the ruts with the rocks, and moved in a dozen loads of fill dirt with the Samurai dump truck.
The tractor smoothed it all out and now I have a much better driveway than before the storms hit! Just hope one doesn't come though and take all this hard work with it.
Our driveway post road work... 

This part wasn't as bad as the first, but still needed to be smoothed out a bit.

I took the opportunity to widen the main road a little today. 

Had to re-stack these blocks and fill it back in on the other side.

The road was only wide enough to get the Kia through on this part.

Most of the road damage was closer to home, but you can tell a lot of water flowed through here

Had to fill in a little here and there... 
There were a few places here and there were the road was washed away.

The video I posted earlier this week, this is the aftermath. 

The county just put up the barricades this morning.