Sunday, February 19, 2012

A good way to kill a Sunday evening...

Ok, not related to our ranch life at all, but it really made an impression with little one, so I will tell everyone about it. In town this weekend a group by the name of The Power Team gave a show at the local high school. I had the pleasure of seeing one of their shows in Palm Springs... 22 years ago, and had the pleasure of sharing them with little one tonight. In our small one horse town. Boy, did it ever make an impression! She got everyone's autograph, said hi, and has been flying on cloud nine ever sense. Yep, a good night, and she thought all they were was a bunch of muscle bound men showing off. Her favorite part, (and the part I love the most) she was more impressed with the preaching and the testimonies than anything else. Yep that melts this rednecks heart.

For more info on who they are...

Mission Statement

"To reach people of all ages, who would typically not ever attend an event in a church setting, with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Drawing people from all walks of life together into one setting, through the use of performing visually explosive feats of strength, by incredible athletes, who share the life-changing message of the cross."

--I will not be tolerant. I will not be politically correct. I will not be silent. I will speak the truth. I will do all that is in my power to oppose the Marxist subversion and destruction of this Country and I will not go quietly.