Thursday, February 2, 2012

Forgot the day 3 vacation account...

We had some friends come over for dinner and pie last night, so I forgot to post a few pics of day three's work. Today we finished paneling the roof, and the two walls. Tomorrow we'll get the hallway done, and the large door. We are also installing a water heater in the one wall and plumbing it into the saloon... That's gonna be huge for the wife!

I'm gonna take up a great practice from one of the bloggers I follow (MDR... AKA Modern Day Redneck you can find a link on the right) and give a total dollar spent on this project... Drum roll please... $0! Yep I kid you not. This entire garage is being built with reclaimed materials. The frame and panels are concrete form's from a highway bridge project from a few years ago. One of my dad's last construction jobs was redoing the bridges on Interstate 40 west of Needles California. When the job was done, they were transporting the unused panels to the dump... A couple of stacks found there way East and are being put to better use than landfill!

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