Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 5 already?

Well the vacation is almost done... And so is our little project. Had to do a bit of engineering of the roof line to get it to match the existing roof of the board walk. That and the big door gave us a little trouble getting it in and working right. Unlike most of our projects cutting in the water heater was a snap, and just slid in... Although we still have to plumb it in. (as a side note, MDR asked what kind of a water heater, well true to our recycling habits, we are using a propane model from an RV we dismantled a couple of years ago. They are fairly efficient, and since it is just for the one sink in the saloon it should be big enough. Later on I would love to make up and install a couple of solar units to preheat the water.)

All in all the day was a success. With just a bit of luck tomorrow will be the final day and we can put this project to bed. I will have to wait till it starts to warm up at night so I can pour a cement floor. (another side note, before I start to pour the floor, we are building a dump bed to slide into the back of my little Samurai to move the sand we'll need. That is also going to make caring for the road that much easier.) Then I can move all my tools into it and start to finish off the inside of the conex.

Well time for a beer, dinner, then some rest...
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