Sunday, December 4, 2011

December Storm

On Thursday a winter storm blew into the area. We  still hadn't had time (or money) to purchase any fire wood, so we headed into town in the snow to make a few calls and see what was available. We found a great deal on a cord of cedar, and had it delivered on Saturday. Talk about just in time supply. Last night was the coldest night this year, at 22 degrees! We were nice and toasty...

A stroll down the walking trail, it had started snowing at noon on Friday, and didn't stop until Saturday afternoon.

Little one enjoying the snow.

My people are from Southern California, below 70 and we start to freeze to death, still trying to get use to this winter stuff.

We took  the Cherokee into town to get feed for the animals, fuel, and firewood.
We had tried to make it back from town on Friday night, but ended up blowing the radiator in our Jeep, so had to stay another night until I could get it fixed. Sadly we missed the fun part of watching it snow, but we still have plenty on the ground to play in! Well, back to work.