Thursday, November 3, 2011

One hell of a dog...

Princess was our old girl. She's been with the wife and I since we were married. Four moves, two states. She barked at every loud noise (thunderstorms were not her favorite times) she hated the sound of gun fire, running and hiding every time we went target shooting. She would go on long walks with me when little one was still in a stroller. She was the mother figure for our other dogs. Always grooming them, she was the monarch of the pack. In her prime she weighed in at 97lbs! And was well over 70lbs today.
A great dog, and we felt as if she was one of the family. She'll be missed, but we are glad we had her in our life.

Well now we have four other pups running amuck around the ranch. Three labs (two mixed with wolf) and a healer mix.

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