Friday, October 21, 2011

My latest read on the Kindle...

Well I finished Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse -- by James Wesley, Rawles from Ulysses Press (for a link you can look at my Twitter feed on the right-hand side of the blog)

Let me start off by saying it was a great read, loved the book. Good storytelling, good character development, although in one of the early chapters a couple of interesting characters were brought in. Very interesting background, I was excited to see were they were going to fit in the story... They were not mentioned again till the finial few chapters, and then it was almost just an afterthought appearance to finish the story.

But with all that said. I still enjoyed it. Now for the actual subject matter. The book follows the main character from the prepping for a disaster, through a social-economic crunch of what first appeared as a world-wide event, later on it sounded like only an American event (the UN fighting to take over the US, importing troops from around Europe, if they were as badly impacted as the US they also would not be able to mobilize.) But again that didn't bother me. Still a good book. What bothered me, from a prepping stand point was the over militarized group the book was about. This group in a real life setting would be .1% of the population. For starters you have a group that mostly make over 100K ten years out of college. They highly educated, attempting to be self-reliant. Yet they do not have a reliable PV solar battery charging station, and instead have to use a hand-crank generator to charge small electronics. While the group installed an underground 1k gallon storage tank for diesel and Gas, they did not have propane appliances. While they were able to build claymors and thermite grenades they could not impede vehicle traffic to their location.
Now this post is not a sideline second guess on the plot or anything, just an honest review of a good read, from my point of view.

I will start the second book (Survivors) sometime this weekend, in the hopes that it will be a little more down to earth. My biggest hopes is that it have the same quality of characters and character development.

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