Friday, October 7, 2011

Goats For Sale

The daughter has decided to go a different direction with 4H so she has decided to get rid of her goats. (not an easy decision for her, she loves them both, and really does not like the idea of them becoming dinner) The dark one is a meat goat, very good quality and Wethered which means it would be good for not only dinner but also as a pet. The white one is the daughter of the 2010 Mohave County Fair Grand Champion Dairy Goat. We have not bred here yet, but she comes from good stock, and should kid easy. We are offering them for $100 OBO/

Boar/Nubian Mix, male approx. 150LBS Dark coloring, approx. 15mo old Wethered
Saanen/Nubian Dairy goat approx. 120LBS Light coloring, approx. 18mo old
Fill Free to Email Kingazjay(at)gmail(dot)com $100 OBO