Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another wall completed...

Couple more days off and the outside will be 100% sealed! Just in time for another heat wave. I hope this wall doesn't dry too quickly, I'm afraid if it does, that it will crack. The wall we did last week turned out good with only a few cracks. I'm sure the heat had something to do about that. This time I'm going to try and keep it sprayed with water, so it doesn't dry too fast. We just needed to get the outside done before it starts to freeze. I'm sure freezing would do a number on it while its still wet. We're also doing a little more rustic job on the back, no one is going to be outback to see it up close, so I see no reason to spend too much time making it look finished and polished. That should also speed up the process on the big wall in the back. Looking forward there are a few large gaps between logs were a little creativity will be in order, to get it sealed and looking right.

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