Thursday, September 1, 2011

A true discovery

Well the wife came back from her California vacation today, and we had to take her rental car back to the airport. While there we decided to check out our home town distillery, that I've been told about. They produce "Quality craft distilled spirits" in the form of Rum, Vodka, Dark Rum (my personal favorite) and Agave Rum.
So glad we did too!
Never met nicer people, they gave us a quick tour of the facility, and a taste test of their three rums and vodka that they produce on site. They also showed us their 'barrel room' where they are aging some dark rum, and just allowed us to hang out and chit-chat for awhile. I'm going to be adding a few bottles of each of their flavors to our saloon stock. Their product is going to fit perfect with our theme! Their product is in a western style, naming it 'Gold Miner Sprits' With a 49' on the label.

If anyone wants to check them out their web address is They are sold at the local Sams Club, and also at thier onsite showroom located @ 4875 Olympic Drive Kingman Az 86401 (Kingman Airport Industrial Complex)

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