Thursday, September 22, 2011

Time for some fall clean up.

It's time to re-level the yard, fill in the ruts from what little summer storms we had, and the dog pits that they like to put in any shady spot to keep cool. Not to mention a time to pick up all the little crap that comes up to the surface here in the desert, with the wind and rain, in no time at all you get a nice gravel top to any open area, it keeps the dust down, but the rocks can cast enough shadow in the fall to miss a 2' snake... Or a scorpion! Which I came across this morning on my walk to check propane levels. First live one I've seen outside. So with the tractor in town being serviced, and me and my stubborn mind made up, decided to level and rake the entire inside of the compound... By hand. With nothing more than a rake and a shovel... Three hrs later (yep the dust was a flying, and yep it's a warm one today) and a case of water later, here's how it turned out...

My insanity on display