Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Short post

Just a quick note on the weather, Sunday we had a high of 105. Then Monday on Labor day, we had some cloud cover blow in. We still had a high in triple digits, and it was humid! Yesterday, never was hotter than 85! And last night, it started to get down right cold... Hit 65 when I woke up this morning... Just have to love this crazy Arizona weather.
I'd hate to say that this is the start of fall, I've seen it do this before, and bounce back up to triple digits, as late as mid October. Not to say that I'm not praying that it'll stay this way, it's been a hot humid summer, with very little rain, fall would be welcomed with open arms.

On another note, Yesterdays quiz has gone unanswered, anyone want to take a stab at it... What was the persons name, who was responsible for naming our State's capital?

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