Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor day... Day after.

It seems like Labor day brought with it the hope of an end of the summer heat. At least I hope it does.
It has been a very hot, dry summer this year, bringing a definite non-soon flow this year. Not to say that all of Mohave county was as dry as us. Just look back a couple of posts and see the flash flood we had from rain in the local mountains.
Last night brought a steady rain that started @ 8pm, and lasted till around 4 this morning. I know due to my little one having a series of bad bloody noses, and being awake most of the night. With the wife and I up alternating keeping her calm. Anyone with home remedies for bad bloody noses, I would love to hear them.
So this morning is the second one this week that we saw temperatures below 70. I love it. Now if only we can see as many days not in triple digits, I'll really be happy.
With that said, I also have to say, that I am not ready for the temps to be in the teens either. Would just like to see a little bit of the nice fall weather that I know is capable for the area. Last year we went from hundred degree days to days in the low forties over night. I don't want that drastic of a change.

This time of year, we are also planning out our winter building and improvement plan for the ranch. On the agenda, is building a small garage to house the quads, generators, and misc. outdoor tools. Install a hot water heater for the kitchen. Clean all the crap from the compound, and move it to a new bone yard across the way. We have another storage trailer to bring out and park in line with the buildings, going to continue the boardwalk, and porch.
This spring, we would like to be able to finish the pantry and add another solar panel and a couple of batteries to the mix.
On top of all of this, I need to sale three cars, fix my damn jeep, and buy a reliable truck. On the later, we were set to buy our old truck back, until the current owner was involved in a real bad three car accident last week. Now that deal is on hold pending what the insurance company is willing to pay to fix it. At the moment, it is severely damaged in the front end, with the front driver side suspension totaled, not sure how badly damaged the cab is. We'll see what can be done, and if the deal is a good one in a week or two.

So that's the plan, lets see how much we can get done.

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