Thursday, September 15, 2011

Had a hell of time at the county fair!

Yep, we just got home from the county fair. Now this fair is nothing like what we are used to from Riverside's Farmer Fair. And a far cry from Orange County's Fair... And we can't even compare it to the L.A. County Fair. So why were we there for 12hrs today? Because we were supporting the local kids in 4H and the FFA! Not to mention those who were there showing their animals in the open categories...

So today we watched them show dogs (took most of the day) Best of Show lambs, and Best of Show pigs, and market pigs... A real buffet parade. And afterwards we walked the midway, then headed off for some dinner.

One day down, three to go! It may be small, but it is our county fair. Can I get a thumbs up from those who support their local fairs? And to those who don't, please attend your next county fair, and cheer on the local 4H & FFA!

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