Friday, September 30, 2011

A full days work...

Well we took a few breaks... About one an hour, but the front of the saloon looks great! Just have to finish the trim around the window and door. Then I can install our storm door, and then the front will be 100% done. Yeah! I have to keep reminding myself that just this time last year our saloon's back wall was only 24" tall! And the rest of the walls was a pile of lumber. We've come along way in a year from concept to functioning kitchen.
Our goal is to have the outside walls chinked before our first freeze. We've been waiting for the temperatures to drop so we could chink without the mix drying before it sticks. That and we are using a new mix which is a lot smoother and should be a bit stronger for the outside. We'll see how well this works, we are just experimenting after all.

A word about the pictures... This building is the hardest to take pictures of, the front porch is 4 feet of the ground, and ten feet wide, so it makes it difficult to take a picture and get it all in the frame, so hopefully you get the jest of what the front looks like.

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