Sunday, September 11, 2011

For 9-11

First thing for me to do this morning... I get to climb up on the roof of work to lower the flag to half mast... And with thunderstorms all night last night, with clouds still all around, made me think twice about hanging around too long!

I read on Facebook that one person said they couldn't tell you what they had for lunch yesterday, but could tell you exactly what they were doing on that Tuesday, September 11th 2001...

Personally I was still at work after working a late shift in City of Industry California, a route driver came in excited about some news that the US was under attack. I called the wife who was watching as it happened on TV, where they were warning of possible attacks in Los Angeles. That drive home, down the 60 fwy, was the strangest drive I've ever been on. There wasn't but a couple of cars on what should have been a busy drive home. That night while looking into the sky, was surreal, as we could not see a plane anywhere. It was one of the strangest days I can remember. We didn't lose anyone we knew, but it was still hard to watch knowing that that day we lost 3k people...

Anyone else have any thoughts they would like to share on this 10th anniversary of September 11th?

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