Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Exclusive content, and the limitations of mobile blogging.

I've been writing and maintaining this blog for over two years now, and over 90% of the content has come from my mobile device. Living as we do, the only way for me to view websites, blogs, or get news is through my cell phone. It makes it a little challenging to post things of interest to the blog. Those great links on most articles that allows users to post links through FB, Twitter, or even directly to another blog, do not always work on cell phones. The alternative? Cutting and pasting into an email client to post. Not as fun as it sounds on a cell phone.
Since starting my blog, I've had an application running on the lower right hand side, that allows me to share things I read on my Google Reader. Here you can find five things that I have read, and think may be interesting to my readers. They compose of blog posts from others, newspaper articles from the local daily paper, and other tidbits from websites that have an RSS feed. Also on the right side of the blog body, is my Twitter feed. All tweets that I post are found here. The little snippets of information that do not make it into a post, I upload through Twitter. Now for those whole read my blog through Facebook will recognize these, they are the same as my profile status, since Twitter updates my Facebook account.
So if you read my blog through an RSS reader, I just wanted to let you know that you are missing out on some great content. For those following through Facebook, I'm sorry for the dual postings, and redundant info... But hey I'm lazy and only like posting something once and having it broadcasts over several channels. Yep several. My Twitter updates are uploading to other social networking sites also. Linked In, Yahoo, Myspace... They all receive my Twitter posts, which also receives updates from Blogger on my new content. So here we have the ultimate lazy mans social networking, post to Twitter and let them do all the hard lifting.
The purpose of this post? Just wanted to let everyone know that regardless on how you read my blog, or were you receive the updates. If you want to see everything please visit the original source... My insanity on display www.pioneeringaz.blogspot.com