Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Crazy end of summer weather?

We are enjoying our second day of rain today, after a very long, hot, dry summer. That is until yesterday, when at 6pm, we had snow flurries!

Yes in the middle of September we had snow falling from the sky... A glimpse of what there is to come? Might be an interesting winter this year.

My insanity on display


  1. Are you sure it wasn't ash? Unbelievable, it is over 100 here in North Texas and you are getting snow in the desert. Tell me this is not the end!

  2. it was in the 40's yesterday and we are about 50 degrees today here in Colorado Springs... rainy and foggy. I'm loving it I know we will have an early winter and alot of snow this year due to all our rain this year. We moved here a year ago from sunny hell hole arizona (Mesa, Az.) I have to be honest I don't miss it.. I hated the 100 plus degree days. Colorado has been a great change for us 4 seasons :). I hope you have a nice cold winter.