Saturday, July 2, 2011

Well I called it...

While having dinner, I look over to the window and spotted a small 24" Mojave Green Rattler slinking down the hill behind the house, so jumped up, grabbed our trusty Remington 870 12 gauge, which is always loaded, and gave that menace flying lessons! A single shot dispatched him and sent his head flying a good 30 feet. Now that's dinner and a show.

So earlier I posted that the monsoons flow would be here soon, and after I shot the rattler I looked up and saw the tell tale sign of phantom rain in the eastern sky. The temperature this evening is holding steady at 99 degrees, as the clouds slowly creep our way... I doubt we'll get any weather this evening, but I am confident that we will see the thunderstorms soon.
As my early readers may remember, July 3rd 2009 we witnessed the worse storm either of us has ever seen. So bad, that the county had declared it a storm of the century, by going over the stream flow meters on the big sandy. That storm dropped 1.5 inches in a single 15 minute period, and did that for over an hour! Historically on the first week of July we see the biggest storms of the summer. That is especially true out at the ranch.
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