Thursday, July 7, 2011

Life in the sticks... During monsoon season... Repost


Well, things are getting back to normal here, vacations are over for awhile, house guest are gone, we are in the middle of summer so no more major construction. Just enjoying the long days, trying to keep as cool as we can. The past three days has been a mini-vacation for us. With the holiday weekend, we decided to stay in town watch the fireworks and enjoy some A/C. The past few days, we have seen some major thunderstorm activity throughout the State. We haven't seen much in the direction of the ranch, and the people we know who live out here also said they haven't seen any activity out there. Now on the way home we had to cross three sections of the road that was washed away! So it seems that even though we haven't had any thunderstorms in our area, that we are at least seeing some run off from the local mountains. With that said, I might have some fun going to work this week!

I had a bit of excitement in the workplace last week, I didn't mention it, I try not to blog about anything other than the ranch life. With that said, it does effect our life out here, so I will discuss it. Last week the manager of the big Orange had decided that I would be a better fit in operations than merchandising. Taking me from my comfort zone of shuffling crap from one place to another, and placing me front and center over the POS.

All that to say, my schedule of late starts, late nights is now changed to early mornings. Not bad if I didn't live a lifestyle that keeps my house 107 during the summer till 10 at night. Going to be hard to get enough sleep to show up at work with a perma-smile on my face! Not that I am complaining, doing something different is fun in a way, and I am certainly not complaining that I have a job!

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