Thursday, July 14, 2011

Clear skies once again...

All that wonderful monsoon moisture has been blown out of the State. Leaving behind clear skies and temperatures in the high 80's. Not that I'm complaining, can't believe this is mid July, been a wild summer as far as weather is concerned.

On another note, or as I like to call critter watch, or this could also be put into the "you never know what you'll see in the sticks" note. On my fathers return trip into town this morning in the middle of the road was a 7 foot tall ostrich! Funny thing is, I haven't seen any in the neighbors yards. Now people have been known to drop off animals out here all the time, so it may be ferrule. Now, anyone want to go on an ostrich hunt? I hear they taste like chicken. Just image the size of the nuggets!

Don't believe me? He was able to get of a couple of cell phone pics, I'll try and get a copy to show y'all.

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