Saturday, June 18, 2011

What to do on a father's day weekend with no family?

Put down some wood flooring! And that's just what I did, in the saloon behind the bar, the OSB flooring was already showing its age with the water and oil splash from the sink and stove. We were trying to think of some kind of floor covering, that wouldn't cost an arm and leg, be durable for a kitchen application, and look right. Why I didn't think of laminate wood flooring I don't know, the kicker is we had some out here already and I just had enough to finish the job! A big thanks to the wife's uncle who gave us the flooring, it turned out great.

So 60 sq. feet is covered, now for the remaining 150 odd sq. feet of the room? For now bare OSB and wood chips! Hey it's a bar!

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