Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I'm always amazed at how much we do when we pick a day to do nothing. Today was to be a day of relaxing and regrouping. The wife and daughter are back home after a two week vacation in Vagina visiting family. The day after she came back, her mother and brother came to visit. After all that, we do have a house guest for the next few weeks, and possibly more visitors after that! Whew! Yep a day here and there to regroup would be a good thing.

So during our day of nothing, my dad came out to hang up a couple of cabinet doors he made for us, then we decided to hang up a canvas wall on the end of the boardwalk to cut the harsh afternoon sun down on the saloon, and front of the house. Then the wife wanted to hang a couple of things up on the walls of the saloon. After all that we were hot and tired and needed a rest. Inside the house is 102.4 and its 101.1 outside. So yet another project to get the water cooler and generator up and running.
Now its a quarter to five we just sat down, working out what's for dinner. So glad we had a relaxing do nothing day....

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