Friday, December 24, 2010

What is this bright thing in the sky?

Today is Christmas Eve, and it is a beautiful morning! We've had rain for the past week, more rain than we are used too. I am happy to report that the batteries made it through not only the shortest days of the year, but also the shortest days, with clouds and rain, and we never had to start a generator! (we did cheat and use oil lamps for light at night!)
Well since the sun is shining I decided to take a quick pic of the new window in all it glory. The sun is shining nicely through it, and although it has Low E 286, I can really feel the solar heat gain... Good for the winter, not so good for the summer. So I think another solar screen is in the future before the temperature really starts to rise...

So off to enjoy some EggNog, some wine, and little ones face when she opens her presents!

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