Thursday, December 16, 2010

Been raining all morning and...

I am happy to report that although I have not been able to go up and seal the flashing on the new porches, that we have a dry walkway from building to building. Yay! It also looks nice and dry in the saloon. Another successful roof! (I should not be so amazed, but with last years trouble on the winter room roof, I'm always expecting trouble.)

The rain is nice, needed, and welcomed. Just hope it does not get in the way of tomorrows work list. It sounds as though we were going to put in another (larger) window in the winter room. It can get a bit dark in here, so when the big Orange put the 4'x5' vinyl windows on clearance, we jumped all over it. Going to put it in a wall that is only 7'x 8' so it will really open up the room. Hell we could almost use it as a patio slider!

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