Thursday, October 14, 2010

Long day...

I really don't have much to show for today's work. (which by the way was one of the hotest days this month, reaching into the triple digits!) We had to finish building a roof over the Conex, and me being the bad little blogger I am, I forgot to take a before picture. So the after won't make much sense. As many as you know the Conex was the first thing out here, and because of the that, the house was built around it. When we did that, we rested the headers of the roofs on top. That made the roof of the Conex 6 inches lower than the roofs on three sides... Nice if you want to make a roof top pond, not nice if you want to stay dry inside. Not to worry now, we built a small roof that is at the same level as everything else.
Now that roof will support our solar panels, and since we are relocating the batteries into the Conex, the shorter distance will really make it more efficient. On that note, I just wrestled 3 more big batteries out of a custom electric car built by my father-n-law. Adding those into the system will boost our storage big time!
So now its off to sleep...

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