Friday, October 8, 2010

Long day...

Well not really, it was really a relaxed day. We spent most of the morning spending some good family time, the kid played with her goats and dogs, while the wife and I talked and read our books. At around ten little one had to get on her schooling, and I had to go cut wood.
Now I've had my eye on one in particular. It fell down last year after monsoon season, and was ready to be chopped.
That was the long hard part of the day. These Arizona cedars are not easy to cut up. Especially when you're using a hobby chain saw you buy at The Home Depot for $100! After a dozen cuts you have to let the chain saw cool down so you can sharpen the chain. That wasn't too bad cause I had the chance to pick up and stack the wood in the trailer, get a drink of water and have a seat every 30 min or so. But all said and down I ended up with a trailer 3/4 of the way full. Once staked at home though, I felt a bit deflated... Guess I'll have to go out again later and give it another go around.

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