Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Now I'm no Eco-nerd...

But I do work in a capacity that I need to understand the eco-idea in order to serve my customers. Today I had a training session in Flagstaff to learn about a new product that is really neat.
As many as you may know, I work in the door and windows dept. at The Home Depot. There we carry four different vendors of windows. Today we learned about Andersen's new product line, the 100 Series. Which is really cool, and if the lead times were shorter (down to the line I need to pick up the last window this Friday) I would be installing one on our own project. Real quickly, they are made with Fibrex, which has all the insulating properties of vinyl, but they function more like wood and aluminum. That and they are priced the same as vinyl!
So cool...
Does that make me an Eco-nerd?

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