Thursday, March 18, 2010

A few notes...

A few days ago I added some links to ( of other blogs and other web sites dealing with either sustained living or off grid living. Not sure if anyone has had the oppurtunity to look at them or not. I just finished getting caught up with and their "mini-farm" an interesting read to say the least. We've been kicking around the idea of getting some livestock out here, and actually doing something with the land we have, but not just to sure if we want to work that hard...

While on the subject here is a good post from the Midern Day Redneck...
It looks as though Spring has finally sprung here. The temp. has been above 60 during the day for almost a week now. The nights have been pleasent also, and yesterday was the first day that the heater didn't have to come on! Sounds like money in the bank to me. With the higher temps. and the first Rattler in the grave, we've spent the last few working days cleaning up the yard, and making it more user freindly. Also staked out a yard just for the dogs, and hope to get them set up soon, tired of them having free run of everything all the time (and eating every wire they see!).

My insanity on display!

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