Sunday, January 24, 2010

Winter storm...

Well this year has developed an El Ninó storm pattern, that has dumped a lot of water on the northwest part of Arizona this week. We had wind, sleet, hail, and snow... But I'm happy to announce that we made it through just fine.
While there has been widespread power outages in the area, we still had the little power we need. Even with the clouds are aolar panel was able to keep up with the demand.
After the storms, the tempature has been down right cols, we've spent the last couple of nights in the winter room, were the stove has kept it a nice 77 °!
This next week we are going to re-add another member to our ranks, my father n law who first moved out here with us and later moved to vegas, is going to move back. We are going to set him up with another great solar system and show him some of the stuff we've learned.

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