Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just an update...

This last weekend went by too fast. Friday we spent the whole day in town getting supplies and running errands. Saturday we had a B-Day breakfast for myself then went into town for a coworkers BBQ. All in all we had a good weekend, but didn't get to spend much time out at the ranch.

What time we did spend, we spent planning our building strategy. I think we did come to a conclusion. We are going to finish the room in front of the fifth wheel first (it will have a school room front. Painted red, and will house our schooling materials and have work stations for the three of us. We already have a few cabinets and a counter top for the main working surface. We also have a few old school desks to refinish and install.) After that, our next project will be the Saloon. (Every town needs a saloon. Ours will be no different. It will be a small room. Approximately ten by twenty. With only three sides, the fourth will be a quarter wall and screen. The board walk will continue in front.) After those, we will be able to start the framing of the main house. Only problem is financing, we just need to find a way to pay for all this :)

Oh, and we also need to start the church some time in all this. We had planned to build a small church on one of the ridges, using 6x6x10 lumber and building it like a log structure.

Another pressing project is the road. To get supplies in and out, we are going to have to do something with the road. During this dry period it has gotten so soft that our truck got stuck trying to get in. We do have a game plan. We are going to move the road some twenty feet north up the wash, adding a small dip for the water, eliminating the three-hundred foot drive in the softest sand I've seen since going to glamis! This should help.

So that is the plan. We'll see in the near future, just how much we will get done. Our building window is not all that long. We have about two maybe three weeks of the hot whether left. Our night time temperatures have already dropped to the mid sixties, but the day time highs are still touching the triple digit mark. Around the second week of November our temperatures will really drop, and the day time highs will be mid fifties, if we're lucky! So we do have a lot to do, in a short time. Like always I'll keep everyone posted.

Now I do want to add, that if anyone has the notion to donate money to all this they can send us Home Depot gift cards at any time :) Just in case...