Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's a warm one

Sitting in the "guest room" I lost my place in the "high class" trailer. Out of towners are going to make it through the night. They are however going to stay up and watch a movie first. Which means (since I have to up and out of here by 3am for work) I get to sleep in our overflow parking. So it's around 82 out side, and I'm going to guess around 86 inside, but I do have a nice breeze every now and then. So thanks a lot crazy uncle,

Great! The big generator doesn't want to start... Out of gas? don't think so, hot water heater and fridge are acting ok... Damn it.

Ok got it started. Dies this mean I can go to sleep now? I sure hope so.

Before I go, took a trip to check out the flood damage. Enjoy the pics. Notice the street level, and how far down they had to go to reach it.