Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Purpose of the blog....

Hello everyone.

I'm going to chronicle the move my family is about to make. We are leaving the comforts of living in the city of Kingman Az for the wide open spaces of 80 acres 30 miles outside of town. The nearest neighbor is a half a mile away. No services, living off the grid.
We are leaving our house, allowing it to go into foreclosure. We are taking with us nine cars, a trailer, two quads an 8x10 wooden shed, 14ft trampoline, and a 12' tall steel swing set. Not to mention everything in our house and garage. It's going to be one hell of a move! Did I mention it has to take place in three months and I have to finish building our house seen in the picture above?
Insane I know. But we gain more room, and the freedom to build what we want and how we want it. So as things begin to start rolling, I'll post the progress and, and the headaches here.