Saturday, May 16, 2015

Three years and 100k later, and still going strong!

2010 Kia Soul + Sport
I know everyone thinks I'm crazy, but this little car has become one of my favorite cars I've had. Not only is it fun to drive, but it is balanced well enough to tackle most of the dirt roads in the desert. I've been through soft deep sand, snow, mud, ice, and even a flood! The Soul seems to handle them all. If Kia ever comes out with a 4 wheel drive or even an all wheel drive (which they are hinting they will, with a hybrid rear electric motor) this little grocery getter, econobox will be unstoppable! By the numbers, this little tike will turn five this year, with 100k miles. I've put new brakes on the front, a new battery, and three sets of tires. I drive 60 miles a day on what would best be described as a goat trail of a road. No rattles, no squeaks, no oil leaking, or burning. And even with the big-ass rack still get 26 MPG; not too shabby Kia, not too shabby.