Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from DCR

Saturday, June 7, 2014

I really need to get my Blogging legs back...

I'll kick it off with a shot of the neighbors...

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Apparently I just don't have time for that...

Between work, family, and life in general, I just can't seem to find the time I want to blog, and with that said, here is an update...

Happy Mothers day to all the moms in cyberspace and real life. This weekend we did make time to drive down to the river and spend sometime with the wife's family during their 27th annual family reunion at the Colorado river. It was a great day, very cool 87 degrees which is a welcome change from years ago, when it topped 130! Being the desert rat I am that is even too hot for me!

Before making the trip down, I did stop in to get a set of new tires on Soul1 (since we have two now) I decided to go a size bigger, and a little meatier than the last time opting for the Yokohama YK580. I have to say, only a couple days into the new tire, if anyone has a small anything and lives in the sticks needing a really good off road capable, good milage, quite tire... check these out.

If I ever get the time, I'll give a whole review...

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Enjoying a relaxing morning...

Yep, just hanging out this morning...

Enjoying the spring sights, although some weather is blowing in tonight. Need some rain so that is a welcome thing. Enjoy everyone.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

More spring time weather...

Had some promising weather blow in this morning, lots of white fluffy clouds building above the valley's and behind the mountains. I just doubt anything will come of them. Would be nice to get some early spring showers... so fingers crossed.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Another great photo from my Instagram account

A great shot from the other day...

A repost from Instagram, Love this perspective, and want to give a share.

More sights of spring...

I really like Instagram for all my mobile pictures now days. I love that I can send it to Twitter and Facebook, I just wish I could send it straight here at the same time. If you're not on Instagram I high suggest it. Even with the poor cell service out in the sticks, I'm always able to upload using this App. It's fast, easy, and takes a nice photo! Just what I like!

Till next time.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Some Spring sights

Well, we never really had a winter this year, but so far we are having a great spring.  

Saturday, March 15, 2014

My yearly PSA.

Only a small rattler
Well, I just can't seem to find enough time in the day to keep up on the blog, but I will post my yearly PSA on watching for snakes. I had heard around town that a few have been spotted, but this is the first one I saw this year. Just as a reminder:

  • Watch where you step
  • Don't put your hand anywhere you can not see
  • Remember wherever you see a rats nest, a rattler will be close by
  • Keep collars off your dogs (if they get bit, they will swell, and if they have a collar on, it might strangle them.)
  • Snakes are more active early and late in the day.
I could rattle on forever (pun intended) but I'm sure we all know how to keep ourselves safe during snake season, so lets be diligent and make it through another year!

Friday, March 7, 2014

What a great thing to wake up too...

So the gas company is doing some work on their high pressure line. They do it every couple of years, and after they do their repairs they pressurize it and test for leaks. Afterward they have to purge the line, which is what they are doing this morning. First time it was some cause for concern, now that we know it'd not that bad, only sounds like a jet engine running at full bore! This video was taken about five miles from the valve, and if you look closely you can see it blowing in the air around 50'. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Such a bad blogger...

I know I have been away for way too long. I have been very busy with family and work. A lot of fun, and sad to say we had a very serious tragedy in our family. Needless to say all that has kept me away from blogging.

I hope to return with something interesting soon.

As far as the tragedy, I lost a cousin by suspicious circumstances on December 14th last year. It was originally reported as a hit and run, but some other details have been released since then, that seem to change that fact. He left behind a wife, and twin newborns. Just one of the many news stories on the event via KTLA in Southern California:

The search continued Monday for the driver involved in a weekend hit-and-run crash in the Riverside County community of Canyon Lake that left a U.S. Army veteran and father of 8-month-old twins dead, authorities said.
U.S. Army veteran Scott Bolger, 32, was killed in a hit-and-run crash in Canyon Lake on Saturday, Dec. 14, 2013. (Credit: Karen Bolger)
At 2:17 a.m. Saturday, Canyon Lake police officers responded to the 31000 block of Railroad Canyon Road for a report of a man down, according to a news release issued by the Canyon Lake Police Department.
Officers located Scott Bolger, 32, dead in the roadway, and physical evidence at the scene indicated he had been struck by a vehicle, officials said.
The preliminary investigation revealed that Bolger, who served in the Army for eight years, was at an area tavern with a friend before he started walking home, authorities said. Bolger stepped off the sidewalk and into the street when the vehicle struck and killed him, according to the news release. The driver did not remain at the scene, officials said.
Bolger was just blocks from his home.
“You don’t leave. You could’ve at least called for help. You don’t know that he could’ve still been alive,” Bolger’s wife, Karen, said. “There’s a fire station on the same street. Just a few minutes he could have had some help.”
Karen Bolger said she and her husband were high school sweethearts who recently expanded their family with the birth of their twins, Colt and Isabel.
The Bolger family hopes surveillance cameras in the area may have captured the fatal crash.
Anyone with information about this case was asked to contact Deputy Rabago at the Perris Sheriff’s Station at (951) 210-1000.

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