Friday, July 5, 2013

Dean peak fire update...

Made a doughnut run to Dunkin this morning, official word is still 25%. No visible smoke this morning, and on the back side we did get a lot of heavy rain. In fact our main road was washed out in several places. I don't know of any of that made out to the burn site, but I'm sure the boost in humidity has helped some.

On another note, at our local fireworks show last night, a worker was critically injured, causing the show to be cut way short. No word on the workers condition this morning.

So everything comes in threes right? A fireworks display in Bullhead sparked a brush fire, causing what I heard on the radio as becoming a structure fire. I'm still looking for more info on that one...

As for the weather, a balmy 80 degrees this morning, with a large thunderstorm building to the East of us... I love this time of year!

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