Saturday, December 29, 2012

A good substantial post for a change...

So way back in September, while cruising down old route 66 coming into town from the ranch, I ran by a covered wagon... Seemed normal enough, I did do a double take, and wanted to get a pic for the family, more for proof that I wasn't losing my mind than anything else. I was running short on time that day, and had to keep running down the hwy.
Fast forward to Christmas Eve, and while at work I was asked to help move a wagon into our secured cage for the holiday. I was told we were going to rebuild it for the owner who is traveling across the US in it, that is until it caught fire in November...
After getting the whole story from the owners Web site I recognize that it's the same wagon I spotted in September. To cool... So to summarize their story, they have been traveling since May 25 2010 from Kentucky to California with two mules, a horse, a dog, and a cat... By the looks of their wagon today, compared to the pics on their site I'm willing to say they have some stories.
With any luck, we'll get their wagon back on the road soon, and they will be able to continue their trek!
I know that not only will our repairs make the journey, but the kindness of my coworkers giving this project their up-most attention will be yet another story this wagon will tell later on. A big thank you to Rhonda, Mark, Pat, and everyone else who had lent a hand.
For more info check them out here.

I can say having this project upfront and personal at our store (we are doing the painting right next to our two busiest cash registers) has sparked a lot of conversations with our customers. The thought of traveling so far with a wagon and mules sparks the imagination of just about every American. Some say they're crazy, others would be there next to them, personally I could do it for a month maybe two, but after that I would go stir crazy! When I think about their travels it does strike a cord with our experiment at the ranch. A lot of people thought (like the past tense part there?) we were crazy for moving there and living off-grid. I have to say though that life here at the ranch has been some of the greatest times of our lives. It has brought us closer as a family, made us all a little stronger, and makes us really appreciate the times in which we live! 

A bit of an update on the project...

We were able to finish the painting of the wagon today, also re-installed the seat, and all the hardware. Still need to work on finishing the bows and a way to mount them securely. I also wanted to add the owners contact info if anyone wanted more information about their journey.

Chuck and Mary Reagan
Contact Info: 1.904.495.1067 or 1.270.799.5702
Seeing America the way it should be.