Sunday, September 9, 2012

Never know what you'll find when you get home in the sticks.

Heard a buzzing sound when I was walking up to the door, this afternoon. Lucky I noticed this before I got any closer!
It is what it looks like, bees have made a new hive in an old trunk next to the front door! Yikes for sure, but I hope the honeys good!


  1. What luck! If the bees bother you, you can try and move them away from your front door. You'll need to move the case no more than around 3 feet at a time, each day until they are located where you want them. That way the bees will be able to find their new abode. Be careful, wear protection in case they're the infamous Africanized honey bees. Now read up on bees, you should have some honey to harvest next spring..

  2. Yay! and Yikes! Good luck with that and, yeah like a lot of things in life, wear protection.