Friday, September 28, 2012

Sights from the sticks...

If you look closely while driving in the sticks, you'll be surprised by what you find.
So what is it, and why is it here? 

Monday, September 24, 2012

My blogging absence..

Well it has been well over a week since my last post, but I have a really good reason... I was on vacation!

The wife and I made the trip north to Boise Idaho to visit some friends for a few days. We had a blast camping in Utah, and seeing the sites in Idaho. We didn't have as much time as we would have liked, but we had a great time either way, neither of us wanted to go back home.

Had to stop by the big Orange on the way for a photo op... was going to do it for each one, but thought that might be a bit odd.

The wife hamming it up in Provo UT. Just outside Utah Lake.

First night camping in Utah... I realized I'm too old to sleep on the ground anymore.

Nice walking trail, we were covered by man eating mosquitoes! 

The backwater from the lake was just outside our camp!

Our fine dinning arrangement!

YES we did stop at a real mall (people in Kingman understand this) and did some shopping!

Had to show the Temple to the wife, she had never seen it in real life. Amazing structure!

Photo OP!

Love the look of this building!

Cruising in to Idaho, the wife asked to take a pic!

No thank you... absolutely nothing to see here!

The wife's friend's dog didn't like having to share his couch this weekend.

Over looking Boise

Visited the Old penitentiary 

Dog doesn't like to share the chair either!

Driving back into Utah, yep had to stop and take another pic!

Love my Bride! 
Our second night camping in Utah, here we are at Brigham City

Took a 4x trail in our little car, and saw some amazing sights, the trees are already turning their fall colors!

Not bad for a Cell phone pic!