Friday, August 24, 2012

What a monsoon season!

We've had a series of storms this year, unlike anything we've seen in the past  six years. I've commented on how green it is a few posts back; it's  even greener now. Unfortunately  with the rain comes flash flooding. The main road is closed due to washouts, meaning we have to use the alternate way in, which is a dirt road, which hasn't  fared well either.
Yesterday I spent all day with a shovel and the tractor. Trying to recreate our road.
On another note, I've updated cell phones. 90% of my posts are created on my cell. Including my pictures. Bare with me as I learn this new device; and let me know if the quality of the pictures look any better. With the upgrade comes a 8 MP camera and loggers app. As opposed to my 3 MP and email publishing.