Saturday, August 18, 2012

No stranger to desert thunderstorms...

But we were hit with the mother of all storms!

We are currently camping in the local mountains. Doing some hiking and getting some good R&R under my belt. We've had thunderstorms the last couple of days, with a good amount of water. Today however we were blind sided!

A storm came from the west, around the peak and hit us head on! We only had a min or two to run to the RV and attempt to get the awning down. Well, the 53 mph (according to another campers weather station, it also recorded 1.7 inches of rain in 30 min.) winds beat me to it, the awning snapped like a tooth pick, blocking the doors to the RV. I was able to lift it up to get the family inside, and I fought with the awning for a solid 20 min to get it out of the way. Meantime, the rain turned to hail, and the winds picked up. Needless to say, I was SOAKED!
We were the lucky ones though, after the storm Search and Rescue made a run for the mountain that little one and I had just hiked down from before the storm started. There were a lot of people on the mountain today, and I'm guessing there are a few who couldn't make it down before this freight train of a storm hit.
So here we are, its been raining on and off since 11am the roads are blocked, we are on house arrest, but everything's ok, I have plenty of beer, and we are doing it redneck style trying to dry our clothes between rain storms!

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