Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Spent some time today on the range...

Weatherman said it was going to be 100+ today, hence the shade. 

The Wife and her younger brother getting ready for skeet...

Even our neighbor came down to spend the morning with us.

The wife and daughter posing for a quick pick.

Skeet loaded and ready... one of our favorite things to do...

The brother n law attempting a long shot...

Don't everyone freak out, it's her BB gun she's holding.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Never too early to prepare for winter...

My parents backdoor neighbor is getting ready to relocate to Montana, and needed to dump some left over lumber from a few projects. After carting three trailer loads around the block, we started to cut it up. Most of it is 2x3 pine, but there is a lot of redwood and some oak as well. We cut all the pieces 18-24" long. Just big enough to slide into one of the three stoves at the ranch... Now I get to haul it and stack it!

First load headed out

Still have to load up and haul these piles.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Early warning of a summer yet to come.

We are under an excessive heat warning this week, and our temperature at the ranch for the past two days has been 105.3! Needless to say, surviving the heat is all we're up to. That and I'm currently down with a bad back, seems my sciatic nerve is acting up, keeping me in bed all day yesterday, and hobbling around today like a 90 yr. old off his meds. Nothing is more irritating than being immobile and at the mercy of others. Hope the Advil, new work shoes, and determination get me through the marathon I'm gonna have to run tomorrow at work.

My insanity on display