Thursday, May 10, 2012

This one almost got me!

Walking across the yard, this little guy was coiled up under a shade tree. As my foot was coming down almost on top of him, I saw his head move back to strike. I employed some mad ninja mid air hop to avoid his advance, then grabbed a shovel and went medieval on him... My heart is still racing! Yep spring is here... This is number 2.

My insanity on display


  1. Been there done that on a copperhead here in Central Florida this past month, and the largest eastern diamond back rattlesnake we've ever seen. One of our neighbors tood the rattlesnake home for supper. I'd have to be really hungry to go that far, Yuk..

  2. Yikes. I'll bet you had some mad spaghetti-limb fu going there.

  3. I hate these dang things, I've killed only one this year, that's enough.

  4. FYI, had another one in the yard last night... three in a week and a half, a new record for us.