Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More of the River Vacation

Since everyone loved the first post of vacation pictures, I decided to post more!
Our beach cabana, half set up... had to stop and have a beer to  properly hydrate!

My little one walking along our beach before the gang arrives...

All set up, my parents came down to have a could and enjoy the day...

The In Laws spent a few down minutes with us...

My two girls... enough said.

Yep those are the parents...

Little one taking her first spin on a wave runner... she's hooked.

Breakfast of champions, Coors lite and doughnuts oh and little one!

One of two Islands that saw a lot of action when it hit 103 and above!

Nine people trying to see who would fall last... they all went at the same time!

The wife's cousin gave the family a tow around the lake, here little one and her friend  go for a spin!

The wife's cousin was one of the best boat captains I've ridden with, he has this pulling thing down pat! 

What I do best...

The Wife's uncle dared her to take the stand up jet ski out for the first time...

And she never fell once!

A great scene of Pirates Cove to end our weekend on...


  1. To much fun. Sounds like y'all had a blast.

  2. We did... next year I think we're really gonna let the Redneck hang out!

  3. You take great pictures. I have always wanted to visit Arizona. The furtherest west I have been is Texas and Oklahoma.