Friday, March 16, 2012

Welcome to new followers...

I don't get as much time in front of real computer these days, so I do apologize to my new followers for not recognizing them sooner. For those not in the know, my blog is maintained and updated via my cell phone. I do not have the latest and greatest phone on the market, so I do not get to see all the bells and whistles of Blogger. I do get a copy of comments sent to me via email, and I can get to a real 'puter to answer in a day or two, or I'll write a post if not. So a big thank you to 45er, Duke, and  DFW. I've been a reader of 45er and Duke for some time, and really enjoy their blogs, if you are not familial with their writings, take a click over and check them out. 

I will not be tolerant. I will not be politically correct. I will not be silent. I will speak the truth. I will do all that is in my power to oppose the Marxist subversion and destruction of this Country and I will not go quietly.