Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mini-Vacation 2012

First on the agenda, build a dump truck... Using a Samurai! Yep, not sure if this is a Redneck wheelbarrow, or a white-trash dump truck... Either way it works great! Tomorrow we have to go into town for feed, propane, and groceries... Then Saturday and Sunday we will haul sand and mix some concrete for the shop floor.

In MDR fashion, total price for the dump truck build $0, total price thus far for the shop $35 (had to buy gas for the generator, an OSB panel, and some misc. dimensional lumber.
My insanity on display


  1. Great build. Is the bed hand or Hydraulic operated?

  2. It is hand operated, we put the pivot point right in the middle, so it only takes a small effort to dump. (in fact little one can dump an entire load herself) We will have to beef up the rear springs for the additional weight. I have another car I use for parts, so we are going to take the rear leafs out and double them up on this car.

    We did have enough time this afternoon to make three trips up the Drive an fill in a large rut. It worked flawless!