Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Long time no blog...

Yep it has been awhile since my last post. The holidays are over, it is the New Year. We are looking at a few changes around the home front, trying to replace our poor broken down blazer, and looking at a more economic form of transportation... Just hope it can make it out to the ranch. The dealership we are dealing with has been very generous and has offered to let me test drive the car we are looking at out to the ranch, to see if it'll make it. The model we are looking at is a small suv that is advertised at 35 mpg. What concerns me is, it is front wheel drive and I am not entirely sure it will make it up the hills especially when it has been raining and snowing. When we do this change we will be getting rid of the two jeeps and the blazer, keeping only the full size jeep Cherokee and the new little car, it will be more challenging getting the supplies we need out to the ranch, but I feel the savings in the fuel alone will help us immensely.

So question to anyone who reads this, front wheel drive will it work for life in the sticks? The vehicle is only 2200 lbs. and has a 200hp I4 so the sand shouldn't be a problem, just concerned with the hills.
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  1. Hi,Love the blog.I am a little north of you up past Flag.I get along fine with my front wheel drive,,long has I don't load it down when I'm out in the sticks.

  2. Just found your blog. I live in NH, where we get FEET of snow at a time, and all I drive is front wheel drive. Never have had a problem, even when it's icy out and no sand down. You can always add a few bags of sand to the trunk if you want a little extra weight in the back.

  3. Thanks for the info... I think we are going to try a little car, especially with gas going up...